Community & Outreach

TKCOSusanAndKidsGabriel’s House provides monthly events that encourage families to have fun and meet new people onsite with events like “Sunday Night Live.” SNL Family Night brings families together to have some fun and to build friendships by meeting other parents and their children.

Community Outreach

We also provide a number of opportunities for our residents to get to know their neighbors and local community through different outreach events like Adopt-A-Block and our neighborhood Block Party.

Adopt-A-Block provides a special way for residents to build relationships by serving other families in the local community by picking up trash on streets, pulling weeds, and offering to clean or do household chores for the elderly in their apartments. This is a great way for residents to give back to the community while building positive relations and awareness for Gabriel’s House, it’s mission to serve those in need and others in its surrounding community.

Our Block Party is an opportunity to open up Gabriel’s House and invite our neighbors and friends for fun and food as we spend some time in the afternoon to meet new people.

Join us for our next Outreach event and click here to see our upcoming events.