Gabriel’s Cottage

Gabriel’s Entrepreneurial Program, is a two part program which includes Entrepreneurial Development and Gabriel’s Cottage.

The purpose of the program is to encourage and bring restored hope in the residents own potential and future, leading to a confidence in their ability to once again live an independent, sustainable life. By teaching vocational skills and creating an atmosphere for creativity, they will recognize and take hold of their potential and God’s plan and purpose for their lives. At the same time, we are providing an outlet in which to test product marketability and sales potential.

Within the Entrepreneurial Development Program, residents are given a chance to attend a variety of classes where they will learn how to make products for sale (such as vocational training, in sewing, cooking, designing, etc.), and how they can develop skills in marketing themselves (i.e. resume writing, and interviewing processes).

Gabriel’s Cottage will be an onsite outlet where Gabriel’s House residents can sell and financially benefit from their own products. Using an onsite building that will be remade into a “show room” for their product will provide a low overhead space for development and sales of the product.This will serve as a  low cost outlet to test their product and business skills will help set them up with an opportunity to save seed money to start their own future businesses.

Residents with existing skills will be trained to teach other residents in their area of expertise. Residents of Gabriel’s House will also have an opportunity to work in the store in order to earn work experience that can be added to their resumes for future employment in other companies.

Here at the Kingdom Center we don’t want to just give a temporary fix to current situations, we want to build a lasting set of life skills that can give a long lasting sustainable answer to the issues at hand.

This campaign is to transform our garage/storage center into “Gabriel’s Cottage”,  workshop and retail space

We need $15,000 to purchase workshop and retail hardware, as well as start-up (6mo) payroll for one full time Program Manager and at least one sales associate.

Our target opening date is June 1.

This will be a huge adition to our current program and will provide an amazing oportunity for many women to prepare for a new future.

We can’t do it without you… Please join us!

UPDATE: Thank you to all of our supporters who have already contributed to make Gabriel’s Cottage a reality! We are excited to announce a new perk available for donations of $80 or more. Check out these beautiful hand-crafted totes featuring a fun angel motif, created by the ladies of Gabriel’s House.

This is a small example of the quality goods that will be created in Gabriel’s Cottage, a perfect gift item with a purpose! Please contribute and share the work we are doing. Thank you!totes-3 

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