Our Story

The story of The Kingdom Center began in March 2010 at a former hotel in Ventura, California. A group of people came together to house homeless families. What once had been a place of hopelessness was redeemed for the Glory of God.

It wasn’t long before the City of Oxnard, seeing how God was redeeming lives in Ventura, came to our ministry team and asked if we might partner at a property they had set aside previously for drug rehabilitation.

In the fall of 2011, Gabriel’s House, The Kingdom Center Oxnard was launched on a beautiful 2.5-acre farm home once owned by a prominent Ventura County agricultural family.

Since those beginnings, we’ve served hundreds of women and children at Gabriel’s House. Dozens of families have been reunited. Many of our residents have successfully returned to, began, or finished educations and professional training. Virtually all of the women at Gabriel’s House have successfully found employment. A great majority of all those that have left Gabriel’s House have successfully re-entered society with jobs and housing for both themselves and their children.

Gabriel’s House is truly a place where hope is resurrected in the lives of those that were not only homeless but also hopeless. Gabriel’s House is truly a place of hope.