Solving Homelessness… One Woman, One Family, at a Time

If you see people holding signs asking for a handout and you’re filled with compassion, fear, and frustration… if you want to help but feel overwhelmed because the homeless problem seems unsolvable… if you don’t want your generosity spent on drugs or alcohol, or on someone not ready to make changes in their life … then this message is for you.  Here’s why…

There’s a nonprofit organization in Oxnard that’s tackling the homeless problem head-on with amazing results.

Gabriel’s House is more than a safe place. It’s a place of HOPE.

Imagine your daughter…or sister… driving around in the dark trying to find a safe place to park so she and her two small children can sleep. It’s cold, but she can’t run the heater because she doesn’t have enough money for gas. She locks the doors, wraps blankets around her babies, sings a lullaby, and waits until they’re asleep to quietly weep.

Gabriel’s House, a faith-based nonprofit organization, restores hope to women and children so they can triumph over homelessness. Every courageous woman that enters our doors is committed to changing their lives, for themselves and their children. We come alongside to help them on their journey, to find employment, education and a stable and safe place to call home.

Since 2011 we have served more than 650 women and children, 83% of whom successfully re-entered society with jobs and housing.

It’s hard to imagine but thanks to our partners, it costs just $75 per night per resident.

How Regina Found Hope Again.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to Regina’s story…

“When I first came to Gabriel’s House, I had no faith in human beings. I had lost all trust. I felt like I wasn’t wanted, by anyone. Hopelessness, darkness…I didn’t see any light. But soon after I arrived, I started to see life a different way. I started seeing hope.”

Join our “Love a Latte” movement and make sure no woman or child has to sleep on the streets tonight.

For as little as $5 per week, you can give the POWER OF HOPE to women and children right here in your community. Through our “Love a Latte” campaign, we know that 50 hope-inspired people will “love a lot” and donate the equivalent of one latte a week (around $5) to become a monthly Hope Partner.

Hope Partners are world-changers that donate monthly to Gabriel’s House. Not only do Hope Partners never have to worry about remembering to give, but they also know that monthly giving increases the impact of their gifts as it:

  • Helps us plan more effectively because we can count on consistent support each month.
  • Eliminates financial peaks and valleys.
  • Reduces administrative costs so a larger portion of their donation goes directly to our residents.

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Women and children will continue to live in fear and hopelessness and the cycle of abuse will continue into future generations. No hope. No Love. No healing.

Finally take that step so you can be a miracle for someone that desperately needs one. Because after all, isn’t that what God is calling us to do?

Become a Hope Partner and join the team at Gabriel’s House as we wage war against homelessness.  The only way we can defeat the enemy is by standing strong…together.

In Hope,

Pastor Samuel Gallucci, CEO                         Tammy Duff, Director

P.S.  For as little as $5 per week, join the Love A Latte movement and give the POWER OF HOPE to homeless women and children right here in your community by becoming a monthly Hope Partner.